You deserve to be healthy and happy.

Mar 29, 2023

You deserve to be healthy and happy.

Too many times I hear that “I feel guilty working out instead of doing home chores or not being there for my family.”

The thing is working out and eating healthy puts us in a better state of mind! Not only for ourselves but also for our families….

If we do not feel great, confident, healthy or happy are they going to get the best version of us? If we lead by example for our children and live a happy healthy lifestyle we are teaching them what a happy healthy person looks like.

If we are tired all the time, depressed, overweight and unhappy what are the long term effects of this to our families and loved ones? 

This week I want you to visualize yourself as the most elite version of yourself…

What does that look like for you?

How do you dress?

How do you walk and carry yourself?

How often do you workout? What do you wear when you workout?

What foods are you eating? Are we fueling our bodies with the best things?

Does this person watch tv or read? Is this person positive or negative?

What are the hobbies of this person?

Does this person have a job that they like and look forward too? Or do they feel stuck and in the same rut they have been in forever?

How does this person act around their family? Are they ready to go on hikes or do they just want to sit on the couch?

Think about these questions this week and what it means for you to be the best version of yourself from head to toe mentally and physically.



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