Weight Loss Nutrition Principle Number One – 

Jul 17, 2023

Real Food Eat real food. 

You may ask, “What is real food?” Which is a great question to ask. 

Real food is food that has not been significantly altered from its natural form. 

The more it has been altered the less of a real food it becomes. Let’s look at a few examples. 

A steak is real food whereas chicken nuggets are not. Eggs are a real food whereas egg substitutes are not. 

Butter is a real food whereas margarine is not. 

You are getting the idea. If chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce or spell have been added it is not a real food. 

Generally speaking, grocery stores keep the real foods on the perimeter of the store.

 If all you get from this article is to eat real food and only real food you will be better off for it. 

As a matter of fact, it will drastically improve your life. 

As a general rule if there are ingredients other than what the food is then it it is not real food. 

If it comes from a box or a bag look at the ingredient list. If it comes from the middle of the grocery story it is probably a fake or highly processed food. 

If you cannot pronounce or spell the ingredients it is not a real food. Real foods rule!

Jess (serving all of North Idaho and Liberty Lake Washington) And everyone online 🙂

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