Weight Loss Myths

Mar 8, 2023

Weight Loss Myths

Every regime has its supply of useless folklore and 

half-truths that get passed on down the line from 

person to person. 

But I’d put weight loss up against 

any of them for what has to be the most time wasting and  even the most dangerous myths out there. 

There is a ton of free advice seen in the media these days and if it is taken seriously, can really set you back on your 

weight loss journey. 

This can lead to the kind of frustration 

that makes people think they are “destined to remain fat for life”. 

This in not true.

Myth #1

Exercise on an empty stomach and burn more fat.

Effective weight loss is the total amount of calories 

burned during the day, not how or why they were burned.  

It doesn’t matter if it is night or morning, so exercise 

early in the day has no advantage to exercise later in  the day. 

Myth #2 

More exercise is better.

Every exercise session is beneficial to each individual,  however more is not always better. It depends on what is trying to be achieved. There is a level and frequency required to achieve results. 

After this level is reached, additional exercise can 

have the opposite effect, not allowing the body to 

recuperate and adapt to the stress induced by the 

exercise, which can be detrimental to your results.

Hope this helps!


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