Weed Out the Worst

Dec 30, 2022

Weed Out the Worst

We’ve all heard the list of things that are most harmful to our bodies such as refined sugar, simple carbohydrates, and additives. So, what if we began to weed these things out of our diets one small step at a time?

For example: If donuts are an office staple, plan and bring your own breakfast to work. This can include a protein shake, bar, or container of cinnamon oatmeal. If pasta is on the menu but leads you to overeat, why not opt for quinoa or brown rice instead? If you’re tempted by vending machine snacks such as chips and cookies, bring snack-sized portions of nuts and fruit.

Try keeping a food diary for a week to help you determine what foods are causing you to stumble. It might open your eyes to mindless snacking or reveal food choices that lead to adverse side effects.

Weeding out the worst of your food choices and habits will give you the jump-start you need toward better health and wellness.

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