October Newsletter – Featured member, Cilantro Lime chicken, and gym shoe etiquette.

Oct 4, 2022

Hey y’all, today’s newsletter ushers in October and the beginning of autumn, one of my four favorite seasons. I hope this finds you well and well into your fitness journey. New season, new month, new and continuing Trufit members, do you have a new fitness goal? Let’s hear about it. Reply or comment. Mine? Nutrition my way to sub-10% body fat and deadlift 280 x 5 by the end of 2022 (I’m almost there).

In this October newsletter: Our featured Trufit member, Bonnie Hempsted; a super yummy recipe from Kayla, Cilantro Lime slow cooker chicken; and some gym etiquette.

“I started trying to lose weight a little over 2 years ago by simply going on a keto diet. I was able to lose 22 pounds but I was so out of shape I couldn’t do any of the things I enjoyed doing in life like hunting, riding my bicycle, swimming and working with my dogs things like that, active things. So when I saw TruFit‘s ad pop up on my Facebook feed I had been thinking for a while of maybe hiring a personal trainer at a gym in Coeur d’Alene or Post Falls so I set up an appointment to go in and see Jess he was so supportive right from the get-go and I immediately decided to sign up for their program. It was the best decision I’ve ever made not only did they help me start to get back in shape but their nutritionist Kayla has been a freaking godsend she has helped me fine-tune my diet and I’ve lost an additional 29 pounds under her instruction not only have I lost more weight and gotten back in shape I’m hunting this fall, I’ve ridden my bike over 13 miles and I swam all summer. But also the health benefits have been over the moon my resting heart rate used to vary between 120 and 135 which my doctor has been on me about for the past 15 years. Since I’ve joined TruFit my resting heart rate is now down to around 62 to 73 which is freaking incredible. I am so blessed and thankful for all the people at TruFit the coaches Jake and Sully the owner Jess and their nutritionist Kayla for without them this would not have been possible. I also am extremely grateful for the support community of other members at the gym. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive, encouraging and friendly nothing like any other gym I’ve ever been at. I cannot recommend TruFit and its members enough. I am now competing in an eight-week challenge from Prestige Labs and I am very hopeful that I have a chance at winning with the support of everyone at TruFit.”

Well done, Bonnie. You’re awesome and good luck in the challenge!


Ingredients • ½ c chicken broth • ¼ c olive oil • ¼ c lime juice • 4 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed • 1 jalapeno, seeded and chopped; see notes • 1-2 tsp sea or kosher salt, see notes • 2 tsp cumin • 1 tsp paprika • 1 tsp cracked black pepper • 2 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts • ½ c chopped cilantro • Place the chicken broth, olive oil, lime juice, garlic, jalapeno, salt, cumin, paprika, and pepper into a food processor. Blend until the garlic and jalapeno are pulverized and the sauce is well incorporated. • Lay the chicken in a single layer in the crockpot. Pour the sauce over the chicken.  • Cover and cook on low for 8 hours for best results (or high for 4 hours). • Using two forks, shred the chicken. Add the cilantro to the chicken, and toss again. Serve immediately (see post notes for serving suggestions). Leftovers keep in a tightly sealed container in the fridge for a week, or in the freezer for up to 2 months.

And finally, it’s that time of year with rainy, muddy, snowy weather. It is considered responsible and respectful (plus safe, clean, and more pleasant) to hand carry your gym-only shoes to your workouts, change at the gym, and then carry home. This helps us keep the gym floor clean and free from water, mud, tiny rocks, and other debris. This also makes the gym environment and your workout experience more pleasant and productive. We thank you for assistance and respect.

And, the month of workouts is as follows:
Week 1 & 3:
Monday – core + cardio
Tuesday – upperbody + cardio
Wednesday – fullbody circuit
Thursday – fullbody WOD
Friday – legs & core
Saturday – mobility & bootcamp/weight lifting

Week 2 & 4:
Monday – fullbody WOD
Tuesday – legs + core
Wednesday – upperbody + cardio
Thursday – core + cardio
Friday – fullbody circuit
Saturday – mobility & bootcamp/weight lifting

Okay, that wraps up our October newsletter. I hope you found it useful. Please feel free to leave a comment or hit the reply button. Have a great month.

Coach Sully



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