June TruFit Newsletter – Summer Is Here!

Jun 5, 2023

Hello and welcome to another month at Trufit. I’m Coach Sully and we have lots of interesting and useful stuff to discuss in this month’s newsletter. Let’s dive in.

  • Shoes – dirty and too much cushion

One part of any gym etiquette is clean shoes so the gym floor remains clean for all who use it. As part of training or a workout, people are often on the gym floor on hand and knees or lying face down or up to perform a variety of exercises. It is for this reason it’s a really good idea to wear gym-only shoes while at the gym and during your workout. Plus, by bringing your gym-only shoes to the gym, they will last longer as you only use them at the gym versus walking around all day everyday. So, keep your shoes in a gym bag in your car and have them ready for every gym visit.

Speaking of shoes, a recent study by the university of Oregon found that more shoe cushion did not improve anything and in fact reduced stability. I’ve put this to the test. Thinner soles are better for your feet. Check out my blog post from September 2022 here.

  • On time

Another aspect of gym class etiquette is timeliness. At Trufit, we have less than a full hour to get in the workout/training you signed up for. It’s important to take full advantage of that hour. You need time to warm up, which gets your body and mindset ready for exercise and also helps to lower the risk of injury. Showing up late interrupts the class and deprives you of critical warm-up time, plus as your late minutes add up, you’re wasting your time and money. And it’s just courteous to show up on time ready to go. This applies in terms of time and being awake and mentally ready to focus on your workout. Doing these simple but important things will ensure your best chance of achieving your fitness goal. Along with timeliness is attention, it will behoove you to arrive at the gym with your head in the game – ready to warm up and lift, paying attention to details, listening, working on whatever it is you want to improve upon. Try to leave external distractions at the door. Remember to bring everything you need – shoes, water bottle, log book if applicable, etc.

  • Sharon

Remember a few weeks ago prestige labs launched a challenge? Trufit member Sharon took up the challenge. As of the last weekend in May 2023, Sharon is in the final like 5 or 6 participants in the running to win $15K. Wish her best of luck.

  • Can do attitude

Congratulations, you signed up to get help making yourself more healthy. Now the work begins. And it does take some work. There is no magic pill or formula for losing weight, getting stronger, and feeling better. By signing up, what you’ve really done is decide to make a lifestyle change. That means you must change the decisions and habits that lead to this point. It’s now time to create new habits and make better nutrition and fitness decisions. Part of this changeover is attitude. You will achieve much better results quicker by brining your can-do attitude versus your can’t-do attitude. Sure, there may be things you cannot do, but I want you to think of it as how can you do a thing? And then keep in mind what doing that thing will get you. How will doing it pay you back? Who all will it benefit if you do this thing? Key takeaway – fitness is not just a 12-week program, one and done. It’s a lifestyle change and never goes away. When it comes to nutrition and fitness and wellness, it’s an ongoing process. Make it part of your daily routine, make it a habit, make it something you must do, not something to do when convenient.

  • Long term lifestyle changes

You most likely saw our ad or sought out a program to help you with a specific fitness goal. That’s great. But really, by hiring a coach, you are consciously or unconsciously admitting you need a lifestyle change. Following a 12-week program, making progress toward or reaching your immediate goal is only just the beginning. Fitness is not a finite thing. Your body is designed to be in motion and to work to stay in good operational condition. Simply put, if you don’t do it, you won’t be able to do it. Regular exercise and good nutrition is an every day for life kind of deal. As you start and progress through a program, also start on a long term lifestyle and make it a priority.

  • Nutrition & Consistency

The best and easiest way to lose and then maintain a healthy body weight is through good nutrition. To do that, you must become more and constantly aware of what and how much you’re eating every day. It’s that simple. Weight loss is 90% nutrition and 10% moving, activities, and exercise. That and being consistent. In my more than 10 years of experience, those I coach who follow the simple plans consistently make progress. Weight loss is a process, it takes time, about 1 pound per week is safe and average. But I won’t say it’s easy. Often one must overcome habits and behaviors and decisions that led you to a program in the first place. Have a plan and take it one meal and one day and one habit at a time.

  • Progressive overload

The only way to make progress is to step outside the box, your comfort zone. Whether it’s eating better, eating out less, drinking less alcohol, moving and exercising more, and lifting heavy weights, the only way to improve is to get uncomfortable and put your body into a position where it must adapt. This means going that extra rep, or extra set, or 10 seconds longer, or adding a little bit more weight. Our body is designed to adapt, but it will only do so when it is challenged with a serious effort.

  • Recipe of the month

One of my favorite and easiest meals to make is a stir fry. This is my take on it. Lean meat, a pile of colorful veggies, and a simple carb.

I use chicken, lean ground beef, lean steak, fish, pork chop, elk, bison, shrimp, turkey… you get the idea.

Lots of veggies. I buy 8 – 10 different veggies, cut them up into bite sized pieces, mix and toss into the stir fry. Sometimes I even do this after cooking the meat and rice and letting the heat from those two barely cook the veggies. This offers a bit of a different twist on the stir fry experience.

I also use an iron skillet and just enough water to cook it all. I then add a ton of seasoning. Yes, I cook the meat, the veggies, and the rice all in one iron skillet.

This stir fry method is easy, quick, and healthy. Feel free to give it a try and make it your own.

  • We’re bringing back the family friendly workout resuming this Saturday 10 June 2023. This means the workout will be kid and spouse friendly. So, bring your kids and spouse to the Saturday 0900 bootcamp class for a workout with more of a fun twist to it.


  • Also, starting Thursday 15 June 2023 we will have an outdoor bike ride (weather permitting) in place of the regular indoor cycling hybrid class at 5 PM. The outdoor bike ride will be once a month, the second Thursday of the month for the summer. Details TBD but it will go something like this: meet at Atlas Park in Riverstone, we ride the Centennial Trail for about an hour, an out and back or a loop. Return to starting point and then reconvene at either Bardenay’s or Terazza for bite or a drink and hang out. So, get your road or mountain bike ready and be on the look out for more details.

Okay, whew. That was a load of stuff to think about. Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the above. Thank you for reading and have a great month.

Coach Sully




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