January Newsletter – Yay! It’s 2023

Jan 5, 2023

Hey y’all, welcome to the new year it’s 2023. I hope everyone had a great holiday season, Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year’s.

It’s a tad bit cliché but, now is as good a time as any to assess recent past goals and maybe make some new ones. This can be personal goals they can be fitness related they could be Life related they could be whatever, maybe take a minute or two Think about and jot down some goals for this year. Personally my next short term goal is to lose 10 pounds and I’d like to get a little bit stronger in swinging the 62 pound kettle bell. I’d love to know what you’re new short and long-term goals are for 2023 let me know in the comments and/or tell me in person or post them to the trufit members Facebook page, or if you like do all of those.

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help keep you motivated and help make your gym experience a little bit better. Come prepared. Drink plenty of water specifically before during and after a workout – even if you’re not feeling thirsty, it will help you perform better. Proper shoes. The shoes you wear every day on the street or running shoes are less effective less stable and in my opinion less safe than a good quality gym shoe or trainer shoe that you only wear at the gym. Clothing – wear workout gear that’s functional and comfortable yeah doesn’t get in the way. Last thing, come mentally prepared. When you walk in the door of the gym which you can consider your second home go ahead and leave work issues and other personal issues at the door (including your phone). Start thinking about your workout what do you want to work on what do you want to improve on OK? Maybe how much you want to lift, stuff like that. Staying focused and in the moment will give you a better workout. Also, if you’re on our meal plan or just simply watching your Weight or wanting to lose weight, continue or resume paying attention to your diet. This includes everything you eat everything you drink and if you want to, tracking macros and calories and monitoring your weight and body composition on a weekly basis. And as always if you have questions or concerns or issues please get with one of the coaches either myself, Jess, Sammy, or Kayla.

A heads up for those interested, we have a challenge coming up starting the end of January – from January 23 through 24 February. More details to come so get ready for that.

Trufit member highlight of the month is Summer Cole.

“I joined Trufit because I had goals of wanting to get fit and toned and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, otherwise I would have done it already.  TruFit turned out to be exactly what I needed. It started out rough for me as after my first workout I was so sore but coach Sully was there for me and supported me the entire way. He was patient and understanding and helped guide me through. I’ve developed good habits of working out and brought much awareness to my eating habits. In my first 12 weeks of working out here I’ve lost fat mass, gained muscle mass, lost weight and see the beginning of definition in my muscles. I couldn’t be more happy with the coaches and my results!

First recipe of the new year:  Potato Avocado Toast

For potatoes:
5 cups grated potato, white or sweet potato
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 large egg
¼ cup cassava flour or almond flour (cassava holds the patty together better! Of course if you aren’t on Whole 30 you can use regular flour)
1 tablespoon arrowroot powder or cornstarch (Whole 30 use arrowroot)
½ teaspoon freshly ground pepper
3 Tablespoons chives, chopped and divided
3 tablespoons butter or ghee (Whole30 use ghee)
For topping:
1 ripe large avocado, mashed (1 large avocado usually tops 4 patties)
2 poached eggs per potato patty
1 tablespoon distilled white vinegarInstructions
Grate potatoes using food processor or box grater.
Place in bowl. Sprinkle with sea salt and stir well.
Place potatoes between paper towels and squeeze out excess moisture (or wring out in a clean dish towel) The more moisture you eliminate the crispier your patty will be, so squeeze! You may have to repeat three or four times to remove all the moisture.
Place grated potatoes in a bowl.
Add egg, and your choice of flour. Mix well. Add arrowroot powder and chives (reserving one 1 T for garnish).
Mix well.
Take a 1/2 cup at a time and form into patties.
Heat a pan on high heat. Add clarified butter. When butter is very hot add potato patties.
While potatoes cook mash avocado with a fork.
Cook till golden brown (about 3-4 minutes) gently turn. You may need to add a little more fat to the pan so the second side doesn’t stick.
Cook second side till golden brown. (turn down heat if pan is too hot by now)
Start a small pot of water and 1 Tablespoon white vinegar to boil for eggs. (poaching instructions below)
Remove potato patties from pan and top with mashed avocado and poached eggs. Sprinkle with sea salt and freshly turned pepper. Garnish with remaining chives.
To Poach Eggs: I highly recommend watching the video above
Fill a small pot with a 3″ of inches of water, add 1 T distilled white vinegar.
Bring to a rolling boil.
Use a large spoon to stir the water till you have a very good vortex going (if you haven’t watched the video…watch:) then gently pour the eggs right in the center of the vortex.
Poach eggs 2-3 minutes for runny, 3½ minutes for slightly runny, 4-5 minutes for cooked through (but why would anyone do that?)
Remove from water with a slotted spoon or fish spatula and place eggs on paper towels to absorb extra water. You can use the same water to poach more eggs.
Gently turn eggs over to get all the water out.

Yep. This one sounds pretty yummy.

OK that wraps up this months newsletter. Once again reflect on recent past goals and update the new ones Will see you on the gym floor. Have a great new year.

Coach Tom Sullivant




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