How Well Do You Know Your Coach/Gym, and Yourself?

Sep 23, 2022

Hello again [big smile]. Coach Sully here with ya. This week I’d like to do something a little different. You get to participate, I double dog dare ya. Instead of me opining on my many fitness soapboxes, you get to put to use some of what you’ve (hopefully) learned during your time with me or Coach Jake at Trufit, or if you’re reading our blog, your own gym or coach.

Yep, you guessed it, it’s pop quiz time to test and challenge your hard work. 20 questions, mostly fill in the blank, maybe a multi-choice, perhaps a T or F. It’ll be fun. Possibly a prize for the most correct responses. If you need a tiny bit of help to answer a particular question, you may ask a coach, or you may ask another TruFit member. Try to avoid a google search as that kinda defeats the purpose. Here goes.

Question number one. Foam rolling is one of the best things you can do for yourself. T or F?

Question number two. What is coach Jake’s favorite exercise?

Question number three. What is the minimum number of days TruFit recommends you work out?

Question number four. Regardless of your fitness goal, are you making progress? If so, what are you doing right? If you’re struggling, what do you think needs improvement?

Question number five. When performing body weight or barbell squats, you should ______ the floor your _____, press them out to the ______ , and _____ your glutes.

Question number six. Where should your elbows be when doing arm curls?

Question number seven. T or F? The ab wheel is super fun and super easy.

Question number eight. What is the average and safe number of pounds you can lose in a week?

Question number nine. What are your three dietary macros and what is a common distributed ratio?

Question number ten. How many push-ups and sit ups can you do at one time?

Question number eleven. What features in a gym shoe does coach Sully recommend?

Question number twelve. What is the definition of: a rep and a set?

Question number thirteen. With respect to the farmers carry, which is most correct (could be more than one):

A. heavier is better

B. improves grip strength

C. Walk slow or quickly

Question number fourteen. Which macro nutrient builds muscle?

Question number fifteen. What qualifies you for a TruFit Victory club t-shirt?

Question number sixteen. How many byproducts of regular exercise and a consistent smart diet can you name? 

Question number seventeen. What is one exercise/movement you want to improve upon?

Question number eighteen. What are the basic compound lifts? (Hint, there are four)?

Question number nineteen. What is Coach Sully’s least favorite exercise (but one he does anyway)?

Question number twenty. Besides our excellent coaching and proven program, what could you suggest to make TruFit even better?

Okay whew. Super easy, right? I hope these questions challenged you a little bit. If ya want, hit the reply button or leave a comment, answer the questions. But even you do not care to reply, I hope these questions give you something to think about.A mystery gift to the TruFit member response with the most correct answers. You have one week from today to respond. Also, if you like this kind of email/blog, be sure to let us know. Until next time, have a great week. 

Coach Sully 

TruFit Idaho



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