Convenience or Inconvenience?

Jan 3, 2023

Convenience or Inconvenience?

Here’s something we can all relate too: What do you think the response will be if you ask somebody how convenient it was to lose 30, 50, or even 100lbs?? 

Som many people stay overweight for a reason.

We all know extra weight is uncomfortable. But for many people losing weight is an uncomfortable challenge, despite the obvious benefits.

Do you think its inconvenient to get up and go to the gym on those days when you’re sore and your muscles ache because you never worked out like that before?

How about prepping all your food in advance, or fighting off cravings for food you love that is also bad for you?

Fast food addictions don’t always get the attention they deserve, but many of us stand no chance against the speed, convenience, and taste temptations a Whopper or Big Mac offers.

Even the simple act of drinking a gallon of water a day when you’re hooked on sodas is deceptively inconvenient. 

The point is this : Inconvenience is a challenge.

Inconvenience is not easy But in the long run, convenience is a lot worse. (Ed Mylett)

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