Best foods to lose weight

Jul 18, 2023

Does Food Quality Matter? 

When looking for a gym in post falls a lot of people wonder if

What type of calories I eat matter and you know different foods that affect my metabolism so some people have heard of like keto or you’re doing high fat some people have heard of you know high protein high carb low carb. 

And I have other clients who as well when it comes to metabolism have just been talking about how you know they feel like anytime they start to eat increase their calories they immediately gain weight no matter what they’re eating. Even if you join a gym in Post Falls its not a cure all, you must improve your food quality.

So I wanted to dive into that a little bit for you guys let me share my screen here okay so this is essentially what somebody’s metabolism kind of looks like and what the effect of different types of food have our body so the first thing when we’re going over like your metabolism or how many calories you’re burning throughout the day is just your BMR. Even if you join a gym in Post Falls its not a cure all, you must improve your food quality.

 Basic metabolic resting rate so this is like if you’re which is about 55 so this is like if you’re sitting on the couch all day long in bed just breathing this is how many calories technically your body should be or is burning to keep you alive at your current weight not including any type of movement whatsoever.

The next thing that we have is the thermic effect of food so some foods have a higher thermic effect of others and essentially that just means what how much energy does your body have to expend to digest or process those Foods.

 So for protein example we are obviously hammer down on protein but uh it’s 20 to 30 percent so let’s just assume that you ate 100 calories of steak of a lean protein your body is spending 20 to 30 those calories just to digest that.

 Protein carbs it’s about five to fifteen percent fats it’s essentially nothing 

So essentially if like fats your body does not have to work at all to absorb those or process those the next thing is neat so that’s essentially like non-physical activity so this is like walking cleaning the house moving around the house picking stuff up or just your daily steps and not to say walking is not exercise but this we’re not counting it as like a workout if that makes sense so this makes up what is that like another 20% of how many calories you’re burning

 And then the last about 20 is exercise so this is like if you do a workout you’re lifting weights that type of stuff so all of this added together is kind of how we figure out your guys’s calories and uh essentially what your maintenance calories. Even if you join a gym in Post Falls its not a cure all, you must improve your food quality.

 This is how many calories you’re burning throughout the day and so what we find a lot of times at first especially with women is they’ve been eating super low calories uh and then they’ve noticed like I said whenever they start to eat food again they immediately notice this big rise on the scale.

And so the first thing that usually is happening there is the quality of food that they’re eating is super low so it’s like simple carbs sugars fats and they’re not eating much protein and so essentially for those types of foods.

Even if you join a gym in Post Falls its not a cure all, you must improve your food quality.

Your body’s not working very hard as it is to digest those the second part of that so not only uh you know your basic metabolic rates stay the same the thermic effect is very low on those types of foods and then because they’re eating such low calories and they have low energy like they’re tired all the time and they don’t feel good. 

They’re neat or they’re just movement throughout the day is super low because they don’t have energy so they’re not cleaning the house they don’t have as much energy to go on a walk they’re not exercising and so they’re sitting a lot more which obviously this makes up 20 difference and then typically as well they’re not exercising

 And so that’s why like uh with our type of eating we have you do high protein we’re having you guys increase your calories quite a bit but with doing that your guys’s energy is going up so you guys whether you’re paying attention or realizing it or not you are moving more throughout the day we have a higher thermic effect from our food, because you guys are eating high quality food and you guys are exercising on top of that.

 That’s why a lot of times you know clients we can go from 1200 calories a day to 1500 to 2 000 depending you know how much you guys are given and that type of stuff just be uh purely from increasing the quality of your guys’s foods like high proteins clean carbs healthy fats uh they have a high thermic effect, you’re you’re automatically just doing more stuff you’re going on more hikes you’re moving more you’re walking more you’re moving around the house you’re cleaning the house you just feel good and so whether you realize it or not you are moving more and we’re obviously having you guys exercise as well and so I hope that kind of makes sense.

on just like why uh if you guys have or have not noticed why we can have you guys eat so much more food and it increases your results and your guys’s energy levels feel better and everything feels better and so if you guys have any questions on that uh let me know shoot me back an email but I hope that makes sense and yeah so I just want to do one of these videos for you guys each week just uh just some type of nutritional education because uh like there’s a lot of big misconceptions on like calories in calories out and so you know like that can get very confusing but it does come down to what those calories are they were eating are we eating Twinkies or are we eating like lean steak so 2 000 calories of lean steak and 2 000 calories of Twinkies are totally different on just like how we feel after eating those types of foods how our body processes them how hard it has to work after processing them and then what is our activity levels like after eating those types of foods uh alcohol is another one too but uh yeah shoot me uh some questions if you have anything on that hope you guys enjoyed it and uh yeah have a good weekend. Even if you join a gym in Post Falls its not a cure all, you must improve your food quality.



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