Dose Drinking Alcohol and Fat Loss Mix Well?

Sep 15, 2022

Hello, hello. Welcome to the Trufit blog. I’m your host Coach Sully. This week I’m briefly discussing two topics–alcohol and fat loss and, are you coachable?

Last week we discussed appropriate shoes for a Trufit gym-like environment. I hope you found it useful. This week, for those new members recently joining us and for the Prestige Labs challengers, if your fitness goal is to reduce body fat then you’ll want to read on. I love to help people with their fitness. At Trufit, we have more than 20 years of experience combined with helping people just like you lose fat, gain muscle, feel better, and become more confident.That’s why you hired us and joined our super community. What’s the catch you ask? No catch. Simply put, when member follow our advice, our proven methods, they succeed. Those who do not, not so much. This is true for any endeavor, any gym, any goal. So, now that you’ve hired and joined the

Trufit team, ask yourself, are you coachable.

To drink alcohol or not to drink alcohol? That is a very good question if you are currently working hard to transform your body—reduce fat, gain muscle, strength, and confidence.

Hello again coach Sully here. I hope y’all are enjoying the start of fall end of summer. Which brings up a topic that hits in the upcoming holiday season. And that is all the holidays, the parties, and the drinking. Drinking alcohol specifically.

Since you are receiving this email or reading this blog post, you are on some sort of fitness program, journey, road to your fitness goal. So the question is, will drinking alcohol make you fat?

The short answer is, no. However (caveat, wink-wink, foot stomp), alcohol’s affect on your body does cause you to store more fat. It basically inhibits fat oxidation, which increases the rate that your body stores fat from food. Since alcohol cannot be stored as fat, your body seeks to burn it as fuel first, more or less ignoring other sources of fuel, like adipose tissue, or fat.

I know many of you like a beer or wine or something stronger after work or on the weekend or when dining out with friends. It is very tempting, you want to fit in, relax, maybe feel that tiny buzz. But it’s a trade-off. You lose one or two pounds by working hard all week at the gym and paying attention to your diet, but two, even one drink, can erase any gains, just as a weekend cheat meal can and will.

Remember, your fat loss journey and goal is short term, you need not abstain from alcohol the rest of your life. But I do recommend vert little to none while initially on your fitness program. Not only will not inhibit fat loss with all your hard work, but you’ll reach your goal quicker without alcohol. Short term. And, you may find you feel better by not drinking alcohol, plus you’ll save some money.

That said, if you would like to drink alcohol while trying to lose weight, here are a couple of tips to be aware of: 

  • cut back on dietary fat intake
  • avoid fatty foods while you’re drinking
  • get most of your calories from proteins and carbs (with most of that from protein)
  • skip the carb-laden drinks like beer and fruity-stuff
  • dry wines and spirits are a good choice

Bottom line, alcohol is not a super food. It is not necessary for good health and you really won’t miss it if you don’t drink it. (Psst. Instead, drink more water.)

What do you think? Let us know in the comments or reply to this email.

Next topic, are you coachable?

In my recent experience with hiring a coach for my goal to build more leg muscle, I really enjoyed and learn a lot from the coach. Yes, sometimes even coaches need a coach, that’s how we all learn and accomplish things. 

But there was a real concern of me not doing exactly what the coach wanted me to do because I too am a fitness coach. You can imagine the potential conflict of interest here. In my case, I leaned from a career in the USAF (and in particular from a retired Chief) that one is always learning, you never stop learning, and you can and should learn from everyone around you.

I could have easily said to myself and the coach that yeah, that won’t work, or that I can’t do that. As soon as that becomes your attitude, it’s game over and you’re wasting everyone’s time and money at that point. 

But I paid a lot of money for the coaching. I wanted to learn and I made up my mind to be open to new ideas and new strategies. I also made a short term commitment to give it a serious try and do exactly what the coach said.

For example, let’s say you love drinking a glass or two of wine after work/supper. But you also just started a weight loss program at TruFit. My advice as your coach is to stop drinking wine for three months and enjoy the savings and the more efficient weight loss. It’s short term, not forever. It’s well worth it. The same equally applies to foo-foo coffees.

The same also applies to the exercise program and the meal plan. And I’m not just talking about our program here at Trufit. Any diet and exercise program will work, but you gotta do it, you have to stick to it, consistently, over time. There’s simply no other way.

So, you signed up for a great fitness program, set your goal, now hammer down your determination, follow the plan, enjoy the process and the people around you, and before you know it, you’re making great progress. And believe me, this kind of progress feel great.

Okay, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this read and again, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or any other fitness topic, comment below or reply to this email. Have a great week.

Coach Sully



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