#1 Killer of any weight loss program

May 11, 2023


#1 Killer of any weight loss program

Its been 2 whole weeks of hitting a few workouts and kinda eating better…

And when I say kinda eating better I mean exactly that lol. 

You hop on the scale and POW 💥 its the same or maybe slightly less.

And you say how is this possible?! Ive been working so hard!

You were expecting to be down at least 10lbs from all of that “work and effort” You have been putting in.

What you were really expecting was some Instant gratification from all of the hard work.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works…

Our bodies lose weight when they are ready not when we tell it too! Also 2 weeks of work do not make up for 5 years of not paying attention to your health.

Learn to enjoy the process.

Learn to like yourself and your body now, if you don’t like yourself now you won’t like yourself at your goal weight.

All you have to do now is gather the strength to sign up!

Jess (serving all of North Idaho and Liberty Lake Washington) And everyone online 🙂

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